• "Sync" your financial objectives with your values and aspirations.
  • A tangible plan that evolves as life changes.
  • LifeSync is more than a plan; it's advice for life.

Your Life. Your Money. In Sync.

5 Steps in the LifeSync Experience

The Value of LifeSync

Personal - Connects meaning to money, going beyond just dollars and cents
Alignment - Helps to answer the questions that pertain to the things most important to you, and then make informed decisions that are aligned with your values and goals
Guidance - Provides guidance tied to the most important moments in your life
Exploration - Examines scenarios and outcomes based on your individual circumstances at that moment in time
Ongoing - Helps equip you with a tangible plan that evolves as life changes

eMoney Planning Tool

LifeSync creates the clarity you need to bring your plan to life, and eMoney is the planning tool that provides you with the choices, information and action steps that will help guide you to the future you imagine.


Connecting your money to what's important in your life.


Your Life. Your Money. In Sync.

We create a personal path for each individual, helping you make more informed and intentional financial decisions. The process is consistent, but the experience is unique to you.