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Founding a tech startup is all about taking an idea and launching it into a success.

You can potentially make a lot of money fast, and at a young age.


Take Tony Shay, a founder of a tech company.  He had a reported net worth of $750 Million … when he died in a house fire at age 46. Tony Shay did not have a will.


If you haven’t taken steps to ensure your company and your family are taken care of if something happens to you – you could be leaving them exposed to too much risk.


Think of it this way… as you run your business there are things you have to do:

Meet payroll, pay debt, provide a great product or service.

Put planning for the future – in that list of things you have to do.


So, where do you start?


[FS – Succession Plan & Estate Plan]

Well, it’s good to have a succession plan for your business and an estate plan for your family.

The two are intertwined.

If you have a business partner, you may need a buy-sell agreement.

And if your family is bought out, your estate will need a plan for distributing those assets.


It’s important that you talk to a professional AND make sure your family is in the loop too.


[FS – Unbiased Third-Party Perspective]

We can offer an unbiased third-party perspective. We can provide access to trust and estate services through Wells Fargo Advisors resources.

If you already have a plan, we can help find any gaps.

Then, you can take that knowledge and advice back to your attorneys to draft the documents.


Our goal is to save you time AND money. This service is available to our clients. Remember time is money.


Let’s build a strategy for you built around what’s most important to you, so you can live life with less worry.


Your time is precious. Let’s make it count.


[Social Tease: The future can seem far away, especially for the young and successful. But it’s never too early to plan. Watch this short video to find out how we can help you prepare for the unexpected.]

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