Our Story

When you serve clients for more than 40 years, you experience all of the cycles of life together. We’ve been through the joy of children and grandchildren being born, to celebrating weddings, to planning for retirement, and even to the sadness that comes with experiencing the death of a parent or spouse. We’ve helped clients plan for and manage having loved ones with special needs, and we’ve worked with so many families across generations.

Because of that, we know that you have a unique story. You have a past that’s shaped you, your spending habits, and your feelings about money. We’re here to take the time to learn that story and help you shape its financial future, together. We believe that feeling confident about your portfolio and finances comes down to having caring professionals you can rely on in good times and bad. That’s why we’ve built our practice as a collaboration, even amongst our team.

Take a family loss for one example. On such a day, you would find Richard delivering reports to assure you that your family can financially move forward. JoAnna would be visiting you or your loved ones and sharing compassion. And Delissa would be providing the problem solving and follow through that you need most in a difficult time. Across our complementary strengths, we are always working together to ensure you have a team you can trust and one that you always feel comfortable coming to.

Having weathered many decades of seasons with our clients, we’ve learned how to be the accessible, reliable professionals you need to help manage your assets, realize your dreams, and leave a meaningful legacy for your family and loved ones. So if you’re looking for financial guides for life and a team you can count on, we’d love to get to know your story.