I think everybody starts off with an image in their mind of how they wanna retire and how that may look, whether it's hobbies, vacations, more time with family, it all comes down to choices. Everybody's different, everybody's unique, everybody has their own deep desires that are there.


What we really wanna get the bottom of is, what are our client's goals? It's important because that's part of what they've been saving their entire life for. I think McGee Franklin Financial Group of Wells Fargo Advisors is different from other firms because we start with really trying to listen to the clients. We don't come with solutions and answers, we start with questions. Really trying to draw out of what they're ultimately hoping to do and achieve. I think that sets us apart. But we help a select group of clients build, manage, protect, and transition wealth. What that looks like in their day-to-day lives is that clients can expect consistency, a clear and coherent plan, explain their investments in plain English, to be genuine with them, to be real with them. The envision process is a process in which we gather the goals and dreams of our clients, gather the information on the assets and their other components. And we put those together, we go through a process of stress testing, implement it, and then we monitor it on a regular basis. It's like a wheel that we just continually follow for clients year after year.


Wells Fargo Advisors has phenomenal resources so what we're able to take is a local presence a phone call or an office visit away, and then we're able to back it up with everything that Wells Fargo Advisors offers. I know that people have worked really hard for where they are and they should be treated the same way as I would wanna be treated or I'd want my family to be treated. It's so rewarding when somebody's able to reach a milestone, when they have that first day of retirement. See that they've gotten their kids through college or that they were able to retire and take the vacations that they wanted.


I love what I do because I get to help our clients achieve their goals and their dreams. I get to help my clients live their best lives now. I get to see the legacy that they're building. These are lasting choices that they'll make that will guide them, their family in the next generation.