Who We Serve

High Net Worth Families, their Trusts & Private Foundations:

Individual investors, their families, foundations and family trusts benefit from our experience in estate investment planning, retirement planning, asset preservation, distribution planning, global asset allocation strategies and tax efficient investment practices. We work closely with our clients' legal and tax professionals to ensure the proper management of their revocable, irrevocable, grantor or charitable trusts and foundations. 

Retirees & Pre-Retirees:

Financial decisions at both pre and post retirement can appear daunting at first. Our clients often come to us for help with issues such as consolidating prior 401(k) accounts, IRAs, Roth Conversions, modeling lifetime income scenarios or assessing long term healthcare costs. We help our clients find the optimal solution to their retirement needs.

Corporate Executives:

Our C-Level executive clients benefit from a variety of incentive-based and share-based compensation arrangements including stock grants, stock options and restricted shares which often involve vesting schedules and whose value depends on their company stock. We help our clients build a plan to determine the optimal time to exercise these rights and maximize the outcome for their personal wealth.


Physicians, Attorneys and other high income professionals often grow accustomed to a comfortable lifestyle even though they are faced with lingering student loans, expenses associated with a growing family and the desire to fund retirement and education goals. Our clients appreciate how we help them streamline their cash flow management and address all of their current and future aspirations while mitigating their tax burden.

Small Business Owners:

The number one investment for an Entrepreneur is their business. The challenges of successfully launching and managing a business are enough to keep anyone busy around the clock. We help our business owner clients maximize their own pre-tax deferrals while enhancing their ability to recruit and retain valuable employees with the right retirement plan advice. We also help protect the interests of their family and partners with proven business continuation and succession planning strategies.

Pension & Retirement Plan Sponsors:

Plan Fiduciaries want safe harbor provisions that will reduce their own liability and assurance that they are providing a retirement plan in the best interests of their employees. HR needs a plan that simplifies administration, interfaces with existing payroll systems, and provides quality education for their employees with 24/7 participant support. Most plan participants want simple high quality investment choices that guide them into appropriate retirement plan solutions with the highest probability of providing a secure retirement. Should they prefer to build their own solution, we provide a full complement of institutional index funds that span global markets.

Athletes & Entertainers:

Planning is difficult to get right, particularly for those who come into significant wealth quickly but whose future compensation is decidedly uncertain. By working with our team, we will help you improve the likelihood of long term success by implementing a systematic and quantitative approach to wealth management.


For many clients, divorce is the largest financial transaction of their lives. Regardless of which spouse was in charge of the household finances, both sides will be faced with a new financial reality. More often than not, one spouse is left feeling unequipped to handle their new set of circumstances. We can help set up a new budget, model how settlement funds will impact lifestyle over time and provide options designed to protect your loved ones. 

Inheritance & Sudden Wealth:

Often we hear stories in the media about lottery winners, inheritors or recipients of significant settlements who find themselves in dire financial circumstances just a few years after their windfall. We understand how to work as a team to educate and protect our clients from the pitfalls of sudden wealth. The right advice can help our clients preserve and accumulate wealth to last their entire lifetime and beyond.


In cases where a guardian is appointed by the court, even the most well intentioned may not feel comfortable with how to best preserve what limited financial resources may be in place. Our fiduciary obligation is to educate the guardian and help maximize the longevity of these assets for the long term benefit of the ward.

Nonprofits & Endowments:

Asset allocation decisions combined with spending policy can be the difference between long term success or short term failure for anyone but this is especially true for nonprofits and endowments. With an ever increasing budget, tenuous donor base, and dependence on grants and charitable gifts, board members are hard pressed to find a financial balance. Our investment management and cash flow modeling capabilities help boards make sound financial decisions to enhance the probability of long term success.

Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network and its affiliates do not provide legal or tax advice. Transactions requiring tax consideration should be reviewed carefully with your accountant or tax advisor. Any estate plan should be reviewed by an attorney who specializes in estate planning and is licensed to practice law in your state. 
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