You Are the Reason We Love this Job

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For many people, their family and their health are the most important things in their lives. The same goes for us, and the work we do every day influences those things for our clients – many of which we have built long-term relationships with. That’s why Iván Mendoza became a Financial Advisor.

Because he’s able to care holistically for their financial lives, his clients have more time to focus on the things they care most deeply about. Through pre- and post-retirement planning, wealth transfer/legacy strategies, businesses being sold, charities gaining support, rare financial windfalls taking place, liquidity events, and life-changing circumstances… Iván is there to guide his clients.

In his role, Iván also strives to simplify complicated ideas so that his clients can understand what they’re up against. Because he knows the right questions to ask and he knows how to listen for the important aspects of the answers, he doesn’t just solve the problem – he finds the best possible solution.

Iván’s clients appreciate this level of dedication, and he’s proud to serve them as such. Get in touch with Iván today to discuss the challenges you’re facing and the ways in which he can lend his experience and guidance.