The Six Steps for Making the Most of Your Wealth

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Step 1: Are we a mutual fit?

  • We kickoff our initial conversations and discovery phase by getting to know you and the people who are important in your life
  • We aim to understand and help develop your goals/objectives, time horizon, risk tolerance, and need for liquidity
  • We define the scope of our engagement, identify the types of services to be rendered, disclose all pertinent information, and determine our responsibilities in the process
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Step 2: Gather data

  • We gather all qualitative and quantitative financial and personal data
  • We comprehensively list all your assets and liabilities, and then take note of all your real estate investments, assets, retirement/pension plans, cash/bank statements, employer benefits, insurance policies, estate planning documents, and more
  • All of your information will be kept private and strictly confidential
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Step 3: Analyze data

  • Our team analyzes and evaluates all of the data, documents, and financial information we’ve gathered
  • Using sophisticated investment planning software programs, we determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in your current financial situation
  • We evaluate the viable options for achieving your established goals/objectives
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Step 4: Develop the plan

  • We present the plan recommendations and all available alternative options to you
  • We devise a formal Investment Policy Statement (IPS) and a Dynamic Asset Allocation
  • We identify and help develop strategies and solutions for tax planning and reduction, college education planning for children/grandchildren, insurance planning and risk management, retirement planning and benefits, charitable and philanthropic giving, and estate planning strategies
step 5.png

Step 5: Implement the plan

  • We implement the recommendations of the plan by identifying and helping to select specific strategies, solutions, products, and services
  • In this stage, we will work closely with your other service providers and professionals, such as accountants/CPAs, lawyers, estate planners, etc.
  • We may look to scale into or out of individual investment holdings to help minimize taxes, as well as various market timing risks
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Step 6: Meet to review the plan

  • We will schedule a time to meet with you and review the plan to make sure you are on track to help reach your targeted goals and objectives
  • We’ll determine the significance of any changes in tax/estate laws, economic conditions, newly available investment techniques, or your personal financial/family situation
  • When appropriate, we will rebalance the portfolio within the acceptable tolerance bands
  • Our team will schedule future reviews with you and aggregate data to better understand the “big picture” for customized performance reporting and analytics