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**NEW** - Protecting those you love - A guide to identifying and avoiding elder financial abuse

It’s a growing problem — and it can happen to anyone - It’s easy to understand why elderly individuals are targets for financial abuse. They may have significant assets or equity in their homes and usually have a regular source of income such as Social Security or a pension. They also may be especially vulnerable due to isolation, cognitive decline, physical disability, or other health problems. Read More

**NEW** - Tax Planning Guide for 2022

Tax planning is an important component of your overall financial plan. This guide provides an overview of items to be aware of both now and throughout the year, steps you can take to potentially defer taxes, and options to consider in light of current market volatility and interest rates. As you read through the guide, consider the following questions: Has your tax situation changed from last year?, Do you plan to do any gifting this year?, Do you have any estate planning concerns?, Do you need to make changes to your estate plan?, Are you taking advantage of current strategies to maximize your retirement income?, The guide highlights various strategies that potentially could reduce or defer taxes. Read More

2022 Mid Year Outlook - Wells Fargo Investment Institute

Global Economy - U.S. Recession risk is crossing over a probability level that makes recession our base case for the end of 2022 and into early 2023. As inflation and monetary tightening ease more perceptibly in late-2023, we expect a nascent economic recovery that markets may protect into 2024. Read More

Money matters for the college graduate

College graduation is a milestone to celebrate and feel good about. It’s also a jumping-off point for a number of new life experiences as an adult. A permanent career is likely in your game plan, even if you’re building up your resume initially through part-time work, an internship, or work outside of your desired field. You could find yourself making choices around marriage and starting a family too. Read More

2022 Tax Planning Tables At-A-Glance

Take Control of Your Personal Finances - Income Planning Worksheet

Tax Strategies for a Rollover IRA

What is the most tax-efficient way to take a distribution from a retirement plan?
If you receive a distribution from a qualified retirement plan such as a 401(k), you need to consider whether to pay taxes now or to roll over the account to another tax-deferred plan. A correctly implemented rollover avoids current taxes and allows the funds to continue accumulating tax deferred. Read More

Growth of $10,000 in the S&P 500 Index Since 1949

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