Today’s proactive organizations help power financial wellness for their employees.

A successful retirement plan should have educated participants. At NorthStar Financial Group, we act as a Constant Financial Guide to serve as a resource to your employees providing financial education and investment counsel. Our team has over 90 years of collective experience—this experience is the cornerstone of our education offering. Our advisors are approachable, strive to communicate in a straight-forward, easy-to-understand manner and have extensive experience helping participants plan for retirement.

Your firm’s retirement education strategy is developed to inform and educate employees about their retirement plan benefits. We utilize Zoom conferences, telephone calls and, when possible, in-person meetings.

Work to make it easy for employees to gain financial knowledge We provide financial education and investment counsel to your employees. Ultimately, the goal is to encourage better engagement and understanding of their plan, no matter where they are in the process. To help scale efforts, education will be presented via videos, online tools and links to resources. Our topics include:

  • 401(k) Plan Education

  • Retirement Income Planning

  • Social Security/Medicare

  • Stock Market Volatility

  • Education Planning

  • Developing an Investment Plan

  • Economic Influences on Your Savings

Video Education

The team at NorthStar Financial Group can also provide an education video centered on a planning topic. Experienced, knowledgeable advisors give an engaging presentation and provide the support that employees need to get them—and keep them—on the path toward retirement readiness. With video productions, participants enjoy an easy one-click connection. Employees benefit from a more engaging way to learn about their benefits. Videos help to put employees in charge and provide access to education at any time.

Telephone Meetings

For personalized, one-on-one follow-up, participants may call and schedule a meeting with one of our experienced financial advisors. We believe when it comes to discussing retirement planning, participants have a strong preference for in-person telephone calls or meetings. One-on-one interactions can help them make positive changes and decisions.

In-person support

We believe nothing is more engaging than meeting one-on-one, in-person. When possible, we will meet at your offices to provide “Lunch & Learn” financial education meetings.

Education Policy Statement

Beyond education, NorthStar Financial Group can also assist by creating a written Education Policy Statement (EPS). This document helps your organization focus on meeting participants needs for retirement plan education. The EPS:

  • Defines plan education objectives

  • Identifies program constraints

  • Documents educational tactics and initiatives

  • Benchmarks employee retirement success

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