First of all, we offer services that you would find with the larger scale firms

because we clear through Wells Fargo. 


So we can create more of a regional, comfortable feel for our clients and a very individual approach to the way we handle all of our clients that you know, our clients, I think can walk in our door and if they know we're approachable and they know that we will respond to their requests, we manage people's investments. That's a very serious thing.


I've just always looked at it. What would I do for my mother? So the relationship that I have with our clients is personal. 


We know them, we know their families, we know things that are going on in their life. Our services are for basically everyone.


We deal with people that are just getting started in their lives, their earning potential.


We can sit down and help them form a plan, form a budget, learn about all of the different aspects to investing.


We've got over 80 years of experience in the investment services business.


We've seen a lot. We've been through good markets. We've been through bad markets. We've been through pandemics now. And, and through it all our strategy, our philosophy, our process we've refined it, but it's stayed consistent.


We want to see our clients succeed, probably we'll consult on every major decision they make when it comes to financial decisions.


Should I buy a second home?


Can we afford a lake home?


Can I retire at 62?


How long do I have to work?


Have I saved enough?


You know, all of those, we get those questions from every client.


And I think what drives us is we're thankfully entrusted to some of the biggest decisions people make.


I think our key mantra would be each client is treated individually.


No situation is the same between two clients.


We get to know our clients and we focus on doing what's best for our clients.


Short-term and long term, it's gratifying to work with clients who, when you first meet, they might have a goal that's way down the road and getting them toward that goal.


And finally accomplishing that goal is very gratifying.


And I really enjoy that with this business.


One of the things that Jay and John really wanted to focus on is the North Star, having that guiding light.


We're your financial guides and that's where that name came from.