Our Wealth Management Process

  • Determine your current financial situation
  • Establish your preferred risk-tolerance level
  • Discuss your investment objectives and income needs
  • Analyze your long-term goals, dreams and aspirations
Step 2-Develop wealth management plan

After gaining an understanding of your financial priorities, we analyze all compiled data to create your customized investment strategy. Through our own checks-and-balances, we keep track of how well the investments we recommend for your portfolio reflect the goals you aspire to attain. We will then meet to:
  • Discuss the results or our analysis
  • Explain your long-term investment plan in detail
  • Ensure you understand and feel comfortable with the proposed strategy
Step 3-Implement investment strategy

Once we determine your preferred financial timeline, we ensure you agree with the recommended plan and implement the investments according to your desire. Our process ensures:
  • You feel comfortable with our recommendations
  • All actions reflect your preferred risk-tolerance level and financial timeline.
  • You remain knowledgeable and informed in all aspects of your portfolio
Step 4- Ongoing review

Upon implementing your investment strategy, we will review the the strategy to measure its performance and stay up-to-date with the details of your portfolio. As changes arise in the markets and your life, we will revisit your strategy and make any necessary adjustments. Our ongoing reviews take into account:
  • How current market environments affect your portfolio's performance
  • Your ability to achieve your short- and long- term goals under the current strategy
  • Any necessary revisions to your financial goals as various life stages evolve

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