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2019 Outlook

After a decade-long expansion, many investors wonder how long this bull market will last. Wells Fargo Investment Institute (WFII) believes we are in the latter stages of the economic and market cycles—but not at the end. WFII believes that as the economic recovery ages opportunities for investors still exist but in different forms than previously. 

In The End of Easy, WFII outlines how opportunities still exist in the U.S. and abroad, especially in potentially higher-growth areas. Read the WFII strategists’ perspectives on the year ahead and what investors could see from stocks, fixed income, and other investments. 

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Massive increases in computing power; the growing use of robotics; developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning suggest we are near the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution—a revolution in intelligence.

The introduction of new technologies can provide tremendous growth opportunities for investors, but it can also bring greater risks. A new report from Wells Fargo Investment Institute, Tomorrow's Technology, addresses how to navigate this environment. 

Specific topics addressed in the report include:
  • Perspectives on the best ways for investors to capitalize on the intelligence revolution
  • What WFII strategists believe are the four key drivers of change in the 21st century
  • Ways in which transformative technology might create value for investors
  • How businesses are using the new technologies to gain competitive advantages
Even though many businesses are being disrupted, they believe the basic principles of investing—including diversification and long-term asset allocation strategies—remain intact.

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