Need a second opinion?

How we can help

As financial stewards, we think it is important to make ourselves available as a resource to those people that our clients care about – even if it is simply to confirm that they’re on the right track. That is why we created a service for friends and family. 

We promise to treat these important people with the same courtesy, respect, and confidentiality we offer to our clients.

How our clients access this service

Step 1

Whenever a situation arises where a friend or family member may need assistance with a financial matter, please know that we are always willing to help.

Step 2

If a friend or family member would like to have a conversation with us, then the next step is to call our office and provide us with their contact information so that we may reach out to them.

Step 3

Upon receiving this call to action, one of us will contact the person to introduce ourselves and talk briefly about their needs. If their question or concern is brief, we can sometimes provide the necessary guidance over the phone with no further dialogue being necessary.

If their needs are broader or more complex, requiring a face-to-face appointment, we are happy to do so. At this point, we will send them an introduction kit to provide them with helpful background information and one of our associates will work with them to schedule a meeting at a convenient time.

The purpose of the meeting is to gain a solid understanding of their goals, objectives, and current situation and to provide whatever counsel or guidance that we can.

In some cases, they will need ongoing assistance. While we obviously cannot bring every person that we speak with on as a client, we aim to point them in the right direction whether they are a good fit for our practice or not. Ultimately, regardless of the level of guidance needed, we promise to be a resource in whatever way that we can. 

Who we have helped

•  Adult children seeking guidance as they take steps toward financial security and independence
•  Co-workers nearing retirement or facing an unexpected job loss
•  Elderly parents in need of assistance with their retirement income strategy
•  Neighbors dealing with the financial aftermath of losing a spouse or parent
•  Friends struggling through a divorce and attempting to put their financial life back together

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