An engaging, 4-step process

Step 1: Connection

At our initial meeting, we will start to get to know you, your family, and your financial management needs. We will introduce you to our process and approach, then we will mutually decide if it makes sense for us to work together. If so, we will then proceed to Step 2. If not, then we are always happy to assist in getting you connected with a financial advisor better suited to meet your needs.

Step 2: Discovery

We initiate each client relationship with a thorough discovery process in which we perform a “deep dive” into your financial life. We will learn about your current situation, past experiences and goals for the future. We will come to understand your family dynamics, attitudes regarding risk and any existing plans you may have in place. Using this, we will assess the areas of potential action and work with you to build a comprehensive financial “to do” list.

Step 3: Strategy

We will then work with you over a period of months to build strategies and action plans to address each of the items on the “to do” list. These strategies and actions may involve investments and asset allocation, insurance, estate planning, liability management and many other areas. We will work through the most pressing items first and then build on that momentum to address the remaining items on the list. Our goal is to have you walk away from this initial part of our relationship feeling well organized with confidence that plans are in place to move you toward your goals.

Step 4: Review

No matter how well organized someone’s financial life is, it requires maintenance to ensure that their strategies remain in line with their goals and life changes. With this in mind, we will review your strategies and have discussions about any changes in your goals, family, or life circumstances. As your life evolves, your financial strategies need to evolve with it, and we will be with you each step of the way by prompting the right discussions. Our goal in each review meeting is simple: to renew that initial feeling of clarity and confidence.

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