Defining The Client Experience; Go The Extra Mile

Client satisfaction is okay, but client loyalty is priceless.  I believe the gold standard of client loyalty is to render more and better service than that which we are paid and delivering it with a positive mental attitude. We employ a 10 point comprehensive client care service system so that you experience the most exceptional service and investment advice that you will find anywhere. We bring a mindset of innovative learning and dedication to all of our client relationships, and we are emotional and intellectual committed to being the "best game in town."

Many years ago, I read a book by Napoleon Hill entitled “Think and Grow Rich.” In the book, Mr. Hill discusses the virtues of giving 100% in everything that one does in life. The author believes that it is those who work the hardest that get the furthest ahead. I have found that through the use of Mr. Hill’s philosophy, we promote success in our personal lives as well as in our business endeavors.  Going the extra mile is the building block of our client service model . Here is a link if you want to know more about Napoleon Hill (Who is Napoleon Hill?)

As our client, we would like you to experience a “WOW” factor.  We believe that a company that settles for customer satisfaction will not grow. In creating the “WOW” for our clients, we are fully committed to rendering the highest level of service possible in our business to become the “best game in town.”  Usually, we succeed, but occasionally we fail.

We realize that feedback is the breakfast of champions and the fuel of competitive advantage.  We know that if a client is just “satisfied” we are in trouble.  We’ve tried many ways to measure client satisfaction and in the process have discovered that there is one and only one way to know if our client is feeling the “WOW.” We know that "satisfied clients” rarely refer us to their friends and family.  Happy clients always do. We have been blessed over the past 31 years to build an organization that is derived primarily from referrals. It is our goal never to stop stop giving our clients the service they want and deserve.