Our Investment Philosophy

The Pappas Wealth Management Group believes firmly that an efficient and prudent investment strategy does not have to be confusing. As Warren Buffet so often says, "Investing is simple, but isn't easy." We agree. That is why we offer simple and straightforward investment strategies working under the premise of the advice of legendary investor, Benjamin Graham, who stated: "The essence of investment management is the management of risk." We are of the firm conviction that a successful investment strategy lies in managing the risk of our client's portfolios through a disciplined approach and conservative investment philosophy. We believe the key to our success in managing our client's money is adhering to our six interrelated tenets of a successful investment strategy:

1. Own quality investments (no speculation)

2. Diversify your investments (asset allocation)

3. Invest for the long-term (minimum 3-5 years)

4. Hire professionals to manage your assets (don't do it yourself)

5. Implement a cost-effective investment strategy (cost matters)

6. Don't allow the "tax tail to wag the dog (make decisions first based on the wisdom of the investment strategy, and then take a look at the taxes.