Our Investment Strategy

    Managing Risk

    In our view, the most important part of preserving wealth is managing risk. Many advisors focus solely on investment or capital market risks. Our experience and expertise tells us that risks come from other sources. In fact, as a family's resources grow, often the greatest risks they face will come from outside the 'capital markets.' Many wealthy families face risks they may not recognize.

    A client's investment strategy contemplates these various types and sources of risk. The client's strategy and plan defines the client's objectives, acceptable level of risk and cash flow needs.

    Investment Process

    Our investment process seeks to narrow down the broad investible universe into handful of managers and individual securities that we believe will help to add alpha and best represent our client's asset allocation and risk profile. We utilize the vast depth of resources available to us through Wells Fargo Advisors and other industry professionals in addition to our internal fundamental analysis. Using a disciplined buy/sell strategy allows us to make calculated decisions and be less driven by emotions in the markets. Our investment committee meeting meets weekly to review client portfolios, recommended holdings, and allocations.


    Managing Cash Flow

    Lifestyle is not paid for with either absolute or relative returns. It is paid for with cash flows.

    We employ a process of striving to match your cash flows or assets with your projected liabilities or lifestyle expenses. We work to preserve your retirement income by structuring multi-year “bridges” designed to help us weather periods of market volatility. With the goal of helping our investors from being forced to sell at inopportune times and potentially exaggerating the negative impact on their portfolios.

    In order to maintain your lifestyle now and in the future, we believe your cash flows must be well managed. We work with you to design your portfolio to meet the distributions required to maintain your lifestyle. This process allows us to focus on achieving your overall goals and avoiding preoccupation with short-term impacts such as the daily ups and downs of the markets.

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