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Comprehensive Investment Planning

At the foundation of your relationship with the Riazzi Rhyne & Swaim Investment Group of Wells Fargo Advisors is a precise, disciplined approach to long-term investing. Backed by the vast resources of Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC--one of the leading securities brokerage firms in the country--investment strategies are combined with the agility needed to take advantage of timely opportunities.

In designing your custom investment plan, the group will:

1. Conduct a personal interview with you.
2. Prepare a comprehensive analysis of your current financial situation.
3. Review with you the details of your custom investment plan.
4. Execute the approved investment recommendations.
5. Review with you your portfolio, providing pertinent information on any necessary changes.

If your situation doesn't require a comprehensive plan, the Riazzi Rhyne & Swaim Investment Group offers focused reports that address your specific needs--including an income-tax1 and cash-flow analysis, college education funding, or a retirement-income sufficiency study. In addition, the Riazzi Rhyne & Swaim Investment Group can review and evaluate your current insurance policies--including whole life, term, disability, long-term-care plans and annuities.2

Retirement Lump-Sum Distributions

If you are like many individuals, a distribution from your employer-sponsored retirement plan may be the most substantial amount of money you will ever receive at one time. With many plans, you will have to decide how your benefits will be distributed. The Riazzi Rhyne & Swaim Investment Group can help analyze your available choices and work with your tax professionals to identify the course of action that best suits your individual situation.

Wealth Transfer and Charitable Planning

Leaving a legacy to children, grandchildren, or a particular institution or charity is important to many people. However, before estate planning--including gifting and trust services--is considered as part of your overall strategy, the Riazzi Rhyne & Swaim Investment Group will first complete a comprehensive cash-flow and asset analysis to examine the impact inflation will have on your assets and recommend potential ways to help secure a comfortable retirement. The Riazzi Rhyne & Swaim Investment Group specializes in investment estate and charitable planning and understands the value of careful planning. They will work closely with you, your family, and your other professional advisors as needed to potentially minimize or help eliminate your estate-tax liability.1 In addition, they are backed by experienced planning and insurance specialists2 who are dedicated to providing meaningful support in the critical areas of asset protection and wealth preservation.

In addition, the Riazzi Rhyne & Swaim Investment Group can help you address situations2 such as:

  • Providing care for an elderly parent or a special-needs child
  • Succession or liquidation plans for business owners
  • Helping design a strategy to direct your assets should you become incapacitated

Portfolio-Management Services
Private Investment Management (PIM) offers successful individuals and pension fund managers a high level of personal service and portfolio management expertise. At Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC Riazzi Rhyne & Swaim Investment Group can manage client portfolios of $50,000 or more through the PIM program. As PIM® Portfolio Managers, Pat Riazzi, Managing Director, Joe Rhyne, Managing Director and Sterling Swaim, Managing Director, can offer a customized advisory portfolio management program geared toward your specific investment goals. PIM provides you with flexibility in building and maintaining your portfolio by offering a diverse selection of investment choices. An all-inclusive fee — based on the size of the account — covers portfolio administration, commission costs and custody services. As PIM® Portfolio Managers, we have the necessary experience to provide you with high-quality professional advice aimed at determining and implementing the optimal allocation of assets for your financial objectives.[i]As part of the PIM process, we can monitor each portfolio’s performance and provide you with frequent, detailed performance report.
[i]Asset allocation cannot eliminate the risk of fluctuating prices and uncertain returns. Fees for PIM cover advisory services, performance measurement, transaction costs, custody services and trading. The fees do not cover the fees and expenses of any underlying funds purchased in the account. Fees are based on the assets in the account and are assessed quarterly. There may be a minimum annual fee to maintain this type of account. Advisory accounts are not designed for excessively traded or inactive accounts, and may not be suitable for all investors. During periods of lower trading activity, your costs might be lower if our compensation were based on commissions. Please carefully review the Wells Fargo Advisors’ advisory disclosure document for a full description of our services and information on all fees and expenses. The minimum account size for this program is $50,000.

Through the Personalized UMA program (Unified Managed Account), we offer access to professional, personalized investment strategies directed by private money managers. These strategies are designed for investors who: understand the benefits of access to some of the nation’s top institutional investment [i] managers; seek an investment program based on research, analysis and an active approach to asset allocation; want the ability to customize an investment portfolio to their specific needs and circumstances and like to stay apprised of their portfolio’s performance through regular reports and communication with their Financial Advisor. The Personalized UMA program offers investors a complete package of services including guidance for selecting investment managers and ongoing portfolio management. Key to the program is access to a recommended list of money managers whose capabilities and performance are regularly evaluated by the Wells Fargo Investment Institute (WFII).
Advisory programs are not designed for excessively traded or inactive accounts and are not appropriate for all investors. Please carefully review Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC advisory disclosure document for a full description of our services. The minimum account size for these programs is between $10,000 and $2,000,000, depending on the strategy selected. Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC is not a legal or tax advisor.

Retirement-Plan Services

 The Riazzi Rhyne & Swaim Investment Group serves the needs of individuals, business owners, and corporations in establishing and maintaining effective retirement plans for themselves and their employees. They can help you design a custom plan or offer a prototype, and assist you in complete documentation and outlining investment recommendations.

Retirement plan choices include:
  • Individual retirement accounts and IRA options
  • Simplified employee pensions and Keogh plans
  • 401(k), pension, profit-sharing, and SIMPLE plans

Objective Research

To help the Riazzi Rhyne & Swaim Investment Group recommend a portfolio that will suit your investment objectives and financial situation, our investment research services include research from Wells Fargo Investment Institute on hundreds of companies and other information from some of the most respected research correspondents in our industry. Equity research sources include Wells Fargo Securities, Standard & Poor's (S&P), Morningstar® quantitative research, Dorsey Wright (technical analysis*) and several other highly regarded research providers. For fixed income research, sources include S&P, Moody's Investors Service (Moody's), Value Line Convertible Bond Research and KDP Advisor High Yield Research. Multiple sources of research substantially increase the number of securities under research coverage and can also result in multiple opinions on securities that are covered.

* Technical analysis is based on the study of historical price movements and past trend patterns. There is no assurance that these movements or trends can or will be duplicated in the future.

Fixed-Income Investments
If you are looking for income-generating investments, the Riazzi Rhyne & Swaim Investment Group can assist you with a disciplined strategy for building portfolios of GNMA securities, U.S. Treasury, government agency, zero-coupon, and corporate bonds of staggered maturities as well as FDIC-insured certificates of deposit and tax-free municipal bonds*. In addition, the Riazzi Rhyne & Swaim Investment Group offers the High Net Worth Bond Program to help investors with large portfolios of municipal bonds take potential advantage of their tax favored features. The centerpiece of the program is a complete analysis of your holdings, provided each quarter as a series of reports. In addition, you will receive an income-flow analysis, Maturity Alert Report, yield analysis, and coupon analysis.

* Income may be subject to state and local taxes and (if applicable) the Alternative Minimum Tax. Investing in fixed income securities involves certain risks such as market risk if sold prior to maturity and credit risk especially if investing in high yield bonds, which have lower ratings and are subject to greater volatility. All fixed income investments may be worth less than original cost upon redemption or maturity. Yields and market value will fluctuate so that your investment, if sold prior to maturity, may be worth more or less than its original cost. GNMA is an agency of HUD within the U.S. Government and GNMA pass-through securities are guaranteed as to the timely payment of principal and interest by GNMA. These securities are backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government. The market value of these securities prior to redemption is not guaranteed and may fluctuate.

Education Planning

A major concern of every parent is paying escalating college costs. Wells Fargo Advisors education-funding analysis looks at projected college costs and helps determine what you may need to save to send your child or grandchild to college when the time comes. Once your child’s future education needs are determined, the Riazzi Rhyne & Swaim Investment Group can help you explore your investment options, including 529 college savings plans, which offer new benefits for investors as well as professionally managed, tax-advantaged portfolios to help meet rising college expenses.

Please consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing in a 529 savings plan. The official statement, which contains this and other information, can be obtained by calling your financial advisor. Read it carefully before you invest.
529 Plans are subject to enrollment, maintenance, administrative and management fees and expenses. Non-qualified withdrawals are subject to federal and state income tax and a 10% penalty. College savings plans offered by each state differ significantly in features and benefits. The optimal plan for each investor depends on his or her individual objectives and circumstances. In comparing plans, each investor should consider each plan's investment options, fees and state tax implication.

Services for Corporations and Business Owners

The Riazzi Rhyne & Swaim Investment Group offers a full range of financial programs and choices to assist business owners, executives, and corporations in managing:
  • Personal investment portfolios
  • Corporate cash management
  • Rule 144 restricted and control stock sales
  • Stock-option exercise and sale programs
  • Key-person and other life insurance programs
  • Funding for buy-sell insurance agreements
  • Investment advice on proceeds from sale of business
  • Corporate finance services (for mature, profitable middle market companies; available through Wells Fargo & Company affiliates)
  • Access to Lending Services through Wells Fargo affiliates

Calling on staff specialists and working with your other professional advisors as needed, the Riazzi Rhyne & Swaim Investment Group can assess your situation and recommend investment programs and services designed to increase corporate and personal net worth under current tax law. Whether you’re developing a business or selling a business, the Riazzi Rhyne & Swaim Investment Group of Wells Fargo Advisors can explain the wide range of applicable alternatives and assist you in making complex investment decisions.

All investing involves some degree of risk, whether it is associated with market volatility, purchasing power or a specific security, including the possible loss of principal.
1. Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC does not render legal, accounting, or tax advice.  If legal, accounting or tax assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought.
2. Please note that this is not intended as an invitation to replace your existing contract.  Exchanges should only be considered after carefully weighing the cost and benefits of such as a transaction.  This review is not, in any way, intended as a solicitation to replace your existing annuity.  Such an exchange is often not appropriate due to such factors as surrender charges on your existing contract, the surrender period on the new contract, transaction costs associated with the exchange, the values of the new contract versus the old contract, and the various fees and expenses associated with the new products.  Therefore, replacing an existing annuity should only be considered after a careful evaluation of these factors as well as a thorough review of your existing coverage.

Insurance products are available through non-bank insurance agency affiliates of Wells Fargo & Company and underwritten by non-affiliated Insurance Companies. Not available in all states.

Wells Fargo Investment Institute, Inc. is a registered investment adviser and wholly-owned subsidiary of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., a bank affiliate of Wells Fargo & Company.

Wells Fargo Securities is the trade name for the capital markets and investment banking services of Wells Fargo & Company and its subsidiaries, including Wells Fargo Securities, LLC, member NYSE, FINRA and SIPC and Wells Fargo Bank, National Association.