We specialize in creating well-reasoned strategies for high-net-worth individuals who demand excellence and integrity.

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About Us

Schaffer Wealth Management Group is a team of four diligent professionals dedicated to providing you with a unique and personalized wealth experience. Each of our team members brings a specialized background which results in a different perspective to our investment process. We believe we are able to serve our private clients at a higher level, because of the type of due diligence work we do and the service our group provides.

Our Philosophy

We believe successful client relationships begin with listening. Our personalized approach focuses on learning about the things you value most, helping you clarify your highest priority goals and designing an investment solution to fit your unique needs. Our team takes the time to understand your investment objectives and discern your financial goals.

Over the years, our stakeholders have asked about our investment strategy. We have seen many investment fads and products attempt to shape the landscape of the investment world. Many of these have come and gone, but a few timeless principles that direct an investor clear of the market pitfalls have remained sound. We consider ourselves students of the markets and personally invest in the same way our clients are invested.