Our Investment Philosophy

Managing wealth and managing investments are worlds apart from one another. Wealth is intimately personal and centers around individual needs, goals, and dreams. Investments, by contrast, often require complex analysis, discipline, objectivity, and a clinical lack of emotion. All too often we’re led to believe that managing investments should be about maximizing performance. Unfortunately, the relentless pursuit of performance often distracts attention from fundamental personal objectives and prudent risk management. Investment strategies should be built around personal goals and not necessarily chasing the highest returns possible.
Translating a goals-based approach to investing, we have developed multiple risk-based portfolios that serve as a foundation to building personalized investment plans. Depending on a client’s objectives, we will develop a customized plan that may encompass a blend of multiple portfolio strategies.

Our team manages each portfolio on a discretionary basis using fundamental and technical research. Each PM portfolio is invested across a spectrum of investments including ETFs, mutual funds and individual securities with potential exposure to U.S., international and emerging market stocks, bonds, commodities and real estate. Each portfolio is tactically managed to adjust to changing market conditions.