I Love My Job.


For many people, their faith, their family, and their health are the most important things in their lives.  

Every day, the work that I do influences these things...for my clients, who are also my friends. That’s why I love this job.  

Children go to college, people retire gracefully, couples move into their first homes, businesses start, charities are supported…all of this, in part, because of the work that I do.

I attend baptisms, bar mitzvahs, weddings, graduations…you name it… celebrations of all kinds.

But I have also attended funerals. I’ve comforted grieving families.

I’ve supported those struggling to find a new job, or dealing with a divorce.

I have helped people shoulder the burden, and experience the joy, of caring for mom and dad.

All of those things, the happy and the sad, are reasons why I love this job.

I can make complicated things clearer so people understand it. I know the right questions to ask and I know how to listen for the answers.

I can solve problems and find solutions. People need someone to put their interests first.

And for many people, I am that someone. That’s why I love this job.

You know some people think this work is all about money. But it’s not. It’s about friendship, integrity, and trust.

And I help families live the life they want, and in some special cases, the life they thought they couldn’t have.

That’s why I love this job. That’s why I’m a financial advisor.