The Private Investment Management (PIM) Program

The PIM Program is a customized portfolio management program geared toward your specific financial goals and investment objectives. Our advisors have met stringent criteria based on experience and expertise. We act on a discretionary basis as your own personal portfolio managers.
The PIM program is designed for investors who:
  • Want a customized investment program based on an active management approach to asset allocation
  • Prefer a portfolio manager who can make investment decisions on their behalf
  • Are seeking long-term portfolio management through diversification while keeping underlying investment costs to a minimum
  • Seek the flexibility to build and maintain a portfolio using a wide array of investments
  • Value a high level of professional services and personal attention available only to high-net-worth clients

Criteria for Portfolio Managers

To obtain the Portfolio Manager designation the Financial Advisor is required to successfully complete a rigorous, multi-step program that includes:
  • Meeting basic eligibility requirements, which include a minimum of two years’ experience as a portfolio manager, five years of industry experience, successful completion of various securities exams and approval from branch and regional superiors.
  • A Financial Advisor completes an application, which includes questions covering investment style, strategy, philosophy and research methods.
  • The Financial Advisor must complete advanced training, including an ethics exam, a proxy exam and a 40-hour portfolio management training course.
Very few of the firm’s Financial Advisors have met the criteria to act as PIM Portfolio Managers. We’re proud to be included in this exclusive group

PIM Program Summary

We will guide you through a consulting process to identify your financial goals and investment objectives. We are able to determine the proper asset allocation and construct a portfolio of investments needed to achieve the results of your plan.

We provide the ability to hold a wide range of asset types within one portfolio eliminating the need for multiple accounts. We have access to qualified and experienced investment analysts to assist Portfolio Managers. Rather than traditional trade-based commission charges, we charge one fee based on the size of your account.

As your Portfolio Managers, we will actively manage your portfolio on an ongoing discretionary basis using the corresponding investment objectives.