Our Philosophy


1.There’s nothing new under the sun.

Trends, fads and ideas will come and go, but the strategies we use remain the same.

2. “Investing” implies longer term focus -
we believe investors should plan for the long-haul.

There’s saving and then there’s investing. It’s important to know the difference.

3. No fair weather fans.

Everybody loves a winner, but before you even start out, recognize that one year does not a lifetime make. There will be highs and lows along the way – trust us on that fact. Just like coaches, we can get too much credit in good years and too much blame in poor ones, but our mission is to keep you focused on the big picture.

4. Compound interest really is pretty amazing.

Some have called compound interest one of the most powerful forces in the
universe. For us, this means that time really is your most important ally. We
believe the best time to start investing was many years ago, and the next best
time is now.

5. Really smart investing does not have to mean really complicated investing.

Throughout our years of practicing, we have seen many investors – both institutional and individual – become obsessed with chasing the more “sophisticated” investment space. While “exotic” and “private” investments may sound appealing – we believe less transparency, less liquidity and higher costs do not.

6. Risk is like electricity.

Some amount is virtually essential to accomplish the goals we desire, but it must
be handled appropriately and respected. Many people tend to overestimate their
risk tolerance and then panic when the markets move. We want you to be honest
about what you can handle and think you will be the better for it.

7. Staying the course can be the hardest part.

Diversification isn’t particularly exciting – but it is smart. Markets will have varying periods that naturally move us toward either greed or fear – the best antidote we have found to these emotional forces is preparation on the front end.

8. We are with you each step of the way.

We work with friends both young and old and enjoy the nuances of them all.
But one of our greatest privileges is helping our clients grow older with grace
and dignity. For us, there are few things better than sharing a part in a life
well lived.

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Diversification does not guarantee profit or protection against loss in declining markets.