Our Process

Our approach to relationship management is simple. As your financial advocate and armed with the clarity of your intentions, values and goals our team will strive to develop a single and comprehensive strategic plan and commit to its evolution and execution. Strategic and tactical planning is not static. To remain effective and efficient it requires us as your advisor to navigate and continually review where you are now, where you are going, and how to best achieve your goals.

1. Client Discovery - ‘Building a Balance Sheet’
  • Inventory of assets and liabilities
  • Determining current and future liabilities
  • Formulating goals and objectives
  • Creation of a family 'vision statement'
  • Defining your legacy
2. Lifestyle Protection - ‘Building a Base Case’
  • Needs Analysis: Are current and anticipated financial resources sufficient to meet goals and objectives?
  • Project future cash-flows incorporating multiple capital market and inflation assumptions
  • Establish secondary goals including legacy and philanthropy
3. Estate Strategies and Trust Services* - ‘Building a Legacy’
  • Identify and prioritize wealth transfer goals
  • Simulate tax liabilities based on current and projected tax laws
  • Coordinate with client’s counsel to oversee drafting and execution
4. Assessing and Mitigating Risk - ‘Building a Moat’
  • Asset structuring & titling
  • Insurance strategies including life, disability and long-term care
  • Managing & hedging concentrated stock positions
5. Investment Management - ‘Building Wealth’
  • Define, develop and implement a personalized wealth management plan
  • Open architecture – objective and direct access to best in class active and passive investments
  • Strategic and tactical asset allocation
  • Money managers, ETFs, UITs, equity and fixed income models, research, evaluation and selection
  • Robust alternative investment platform - hedge funds, private equity, structured products
*Trust services available through banking and trust affiliates in addition to non-affiliated companies of Wells Fargo Advisors. Wells Fargo Advisors and its affiliates do not provide legal or tax advice. Any estate plan should be reviewed by an attorney who specializes in estate planning and is licensed to practice law in your state.
**Insurance products are offered through nonbank insurance agency affiliates of Wells Fargo & Company and are underwritten by unaffiliated insurance companies