Why Twin River

The origin for the name “Twin River” is based upon the location of our offices, pure and simple. Our Lewisburg office rests on the banks of the West Branch of the Susquehanna River while Red Bank forms the hub and base of the Navesink River just a few miles from the Atlantic Ocean.

Navesink River.jpg
The Navesink River is an estuary, approximately 8 miles long in Monmouth County, New Jersey. It is surrounded by the communities of Middletown, Red Bank, Fair Haven, and Rumson. Today, the river is a major recreational resource for powerboating, crabbing, fishing, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, bird watching, swimming, and rowing. During particularly cold winters, the Navesink can freeze, adding ice skating and ice boating to the list of recreations available. Today the town of Red Bank rests in its banks, with hotels and apartment buildings that offer scenic views of the river. Select homes in Red Bank, Fair Haven, and Rumson share similar views.   
West Branch Susquehanna River.jpg

The Susquehanna River is the longest river on the American east coast that drains into the Atlantic Ocean. The Susquehanna rises and flows through New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland into the Chesapeake Bay. It forms from two main branches, the north branch and the west branch Susquehanna. The shorter west branch, which rises in Western Pennsylvania joins the main stem of the Susquehanna near Northumberland in Central Pennsylvania.  Our main office of Lewisburg offers bucolic views amidst the serene waters of the shallow West Branch.