Customized Strategies That Integrate Values into Investment Portfolios

Investing is more than a financial decision, investments can also reflect client values, visions and their legacy for future generations. To help build client values into our investment portfolios, our team customizes portfolios to integrate environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) considerations.

Many people have a personal connection to their wealth and are conscious about investing in industries and businesses that work to bring about positive change in the world. Over the years, our team has combined the investment expertise with a commitment to community outreach, human equality and ecological sustainability.  Many client portfolios have shifted to focus more on sustainable, responsible and impact investing strategies. 

This strategy seeks out companies that meet the standards and criteria set by the client. Each portfolio is aligned to specific values and intentions. 

Investment considerations may include:

An investment’s social policy could cause it to forego opportunities to gain exposure to certain industries, companies, sectors or regions of the economy which could cause it to underperform similar investments that do not operate under a social policy. Risks associated with investing in ESG-related strategies can also include a lack of consistency in approach and a lack of transparency in manager methodologies. A socially responsible investing style may shift in and out of favor.