Our Process

We listen first. Then we design an Envision® Wealth Plan tailored to you and your family’s goals, values and beliefs.

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Step 1

Getting to Know You
When you need wealth management services, we invite you to sit down with us. Our place or yours. We take time to get to know you and establish a relationship. As we walk you through our process, it will have you asking, “How do we move forward?”
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Step 2

Goal Discovery
In this meeting, we conduct data collection and review, working together to determine where you are right now and to discover and define your financial goals.
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Step 3

Writing Your Envision Wealth Plan
Afterwards, we sit down and write an Envision Wealth Plan and set a meeting to review it with you. Be assured that we take our homework very seriously, and work hard to craft a plan that reflects your goals.
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Step 4

Envision Wealth Plan Presentation
We present your personalized Envision Wealth Plan and make recommendations regarding the best investment strategy for you.
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Step 5

Envision Wealth Plan Implementation
Each client has a personalized and consistent level of contact to ensure your Envision wealth plan is up-to-date and in sync with your life.