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“The habit of saving is itself an education; it fosters every virtue, teaches self-denial, cultivates the sense of order, trains to forethought, and so broadens the mind.”

-Thornton T. Munger


Character is defined by the way we conduct our planning process-with a single-minded dedication to your needs. It is our ongoing method of conducting a thorough analysis and evaluation of your financial condition, in the same way a doctor would do a physical examination and x-rays to determine the health of an individual.


Communication is directed by our client service matrix. This proven and effective strategy provides you with a proactive, regular schedule of contact both to understand your needs and to keep you informed. We want to know what you think what you are trying to achieve for yourself and your family. It is not just what we communicate, but how we communicate that matters-via email, mail and phone calls. We also provide intellectual capital in education client events in our office, as well as scheduled conference calls.


Commitment is demonstrated by our focus on building a relationship of trust with you and paying personal attention to your financial needs. Guided by our Code of Accountability, we work hard to address your concerns as we help you pursue your long-term goals. We also ask for your feedback on how we are doing, so that we can constantly improve what we do.

About Wells Fargo Advisors

Wells Fargo Advisors is a premier financial services firm, serving investors nationwide. Driven by a strong and abiding commitment to service, we help our clients succeed financially with investment planning and advice for helping them achieve their life needs and financial goals.

Our Code of Accountability

As a premier wealth management team offering investment advice and services to our clients with professionalism, integrity and personal attention, we adhere to the following code:
You are the most important part of our business and deserve our timely response to all inquiries or contacts.
We consider you a partner.
You are not dependent on us, we are dependent on you. We will take a servitude position toward our relationship.
You are not an interruption of our work; you’re the purpose of it. We will treat you with integrity and with a collaborative relationship.
We hold all your business and personal information in the strictest of confidence and consider it privileged and private.
You can request a meeting at any time to discuss or review your portfolio. We will make every effort to accommodate in a reasonable timeframe.
We will contact you proactively throughout the year including opportunities to share our intellectual capital with you.
We will have formal portfolio reviews based on an agreed upon time period.
We are available to your friends, partners, and other professionals to help them seek a unique and trusting wealth management relationship.