Dee Discussion

What You Can Expect From Us

We consistently strive to ensure our clients and their families receive extraordinary service from our team. This treatment starts before the relationship is built. Via referrals, we ensure the family and friends of our current clients will be treated with the same respect and attention the referrer would expect from us. We have created a “FIT” process to ensure every relationship we enter is one based on full disclosure and the understanding that we are working towards the same goal.
Due to the many different financial situations there can be, our process allows us the opportunity to focus on what is important to each individual client or family. After we have determined if we are mutually satisfied with working with one another, we will take the information you have given us regarding your current situation and your upcoming goals and aspirations and we will create a plan focused on you.

The FIT process is important to our team and is highly appreciated by our clients because it allows our team the opportunity to change recommendations as need be. It also gives space for client input and modification. Overall, this process is a never ending progression.  After we

FIT Process_001.jpg

have implemented the financial decisions we have agreed upon, our team will constantly monitor your investments to help ensure you are always on track.


What We Can Expect From You

A client's wellbeing is what keeps our team motivated. The only way we can expect to keep your family headed in the right direction is by you the client, being completely candid about your situation and expectations. By keeping us informed and up to date on your current financial, personal, and business situation our team will be more equipped to handle changes and solve problems as they arise. As a client, we also expect the same respect from you and your family and friends that we offer to you.