Wayfinding encompasses ways in which we navigate from one place to another. The basic process of Wayfinding involves four stages:

  • Orientation: Understanding one’s current location or status in relation to their surroundings or goals.
  • Route Decision: Selecting the route to a desired destination.
  • Route Monitoring: Ensuring the selected route is still aligned to reach the destination or goals.
  • Destination Recognition: Identifying and arriving at the destination.
Wayfinding Financial combines wisdom, insight, and understanding to help our clients realize their financial goals. Our individualized planning approach is centered around what is important to our clients – their families, passions, and lives. The Wayfinding Process is designed to establish a clear financial path and provide guidance along the journey. Each roadmap is specialized to help our client reach their unique destination. Many people experience anxiety about their financial well-being, finding it hard to picture a future that is undefined. At Wayfinding Financial, we are focused on giving our clients’ confidence in their future – by defining tomorrow today.


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