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Introduction to Executive Services

As a corporate executive, your compensation package may present unique and complex investment challenges.  Your personal wealth management issues may involve tax implications, selling restrictions, regulatory filing requirements and other personal and professional responsibilities that need to be taken into consideration.  

As a Financial Advisor at Wells Fargo Advisors, Robert Wert can work with you and your tax advisor to develop strategies to help minimize risk in your overall investments in a tax efficient manner, including potential exposure to the alternative minimum tax (AMT) and other tax consequences – whether your executive compensation involves stock option grants, restricted stock grants or stock appreciation rights.  

Our Services

Because you are a corporate executive, your compensation package probably includes a significant portion of stock options, restricted stock, and other equity-based grants. As a result, you may face unique investment challenges such as:

  • Navigating complex federal securities laws
  • Complying with internal company trading policies
  • Avoiding the potential for allegations of improper insider trading
  • Minimizing negative market perceptions
  • Managing your personal tax liabilities due to the complex nature of transactions involving company stock
  • Managing a concentrated equity position in company stock
Our team is experienced in addressing the concerns facing public company executives, key employees, and other corporate insiders. We will work with our internal Executive Services Team, your tax advisor and legal counsel to help develop, implement, and execute all types of strategies and transactions involving company stock. This approach allows us to take a comprehensive view of your situation to more effectively handle trades in your company stock within the standards and requirements you face and to help you meet your financial goals. We provide the services and strategies you need and the one-on-one attention you deserve.

Insiders and 10b5-1 Trading

  • Being subject to allegations that your trades in company stock were executed based on "inside" information because you have access to material nonpublic information about your company
  • Navigating corporate trading policies, window periods, volume restrictions, and negative market perceptions when selling company stock

Potential Solutions: A 10b5-1 plan 
  • Is a planned selling arrangement that provides significant flexibility in instituting a diversification plan
  • Enables you to execute a personal sales strategy regardless of company trading windows
  • Lets you engage in purchase or option exercise transactions in a predictable and orderly manner
  • May provide an affirmative defense against insider-trading accusations

Stock Options and Other Equity-Based Plans

  • Knowing when to exercise
  • Understanding the potential tax implications of exercising
  • Dealing with issues that arise when ending employment with the company

Potential Solutions: Option Excercise Plan
  • Includes trading strategies to match future personal income needs with expected earnings
  • Helps manage income tax exposure, particularly to the AMT
  • Helps with planning for retirement or separation from service
  • Helps ensure quality trade executions

Large Positions in Company Stock

  • Needing diversification and risk management in your investment portfolio
  • Dealing with company trading restrictions

Potential Solutions: A Concentrated Equity Plan 
  • Includes one or more strategies that can help you diversify in a tax-efficient manner
  • May involve:
    • Gradually selling and repositioning
    • Gifting highly appreciated positions
    • Using net unrealized appreciation (NUA) tax rules in conjunction with a 401(k) distribution
    • Using complex derivative instruments to mitigate risk
  • Should be considered and evaluated in coordination with your corporate trading policy

Your Goals and Dreams, Our Guidance

You are pursuing your financial goals and deserve someone who can help you with advice and guidance. We are here to listen and help you plan for your future with confidence. We are backed by the resources, expertise, and investment selection of one of the nation’s most recognized financial services companies. Let us help you develop an investment strategy that is flexible and tracks your goals.