It’s all about our direct communication with you. We make it a priority to ensure that you understand the recommended portfolio strategy. This helps you to remain knowledgeable about your investments and the market and enables you to be more in control of your financial situation.

Let’s face it—there is a strong emotional component to money. Market conditions can generate strong feelings that range from incredible optimism to despondency. We put our knowledge and experience to work to understand all the financial factors and help you understand the actions we believe are best for achieving your long-term vision. You get the satisfaction of knowing that top professionals are constantly reviewing your portfolio and staying in contact with you to help you make any necessary strategic moves.

We believe that most investors are underserved by following the buy, hold and hope strategies. The recent financial crisis has revealed the weakness of passive investing and investors feel the need to adopt new strategies. From our experience, we may determine that there are situations where it is best to change allocations, raise cash allocations or even hedge a portfolio.
Aspen Tree


Aspens are remarkable trees with longevity and consistent growth, just as your financial portfolio should be. Resistant to avalanches and with ability to rapidly regain growth after a forest fire, Aspens are surviving trees. The Aspen’s unique characteristics and root system represent the depth of integration to which WHF will work to deliver to you.

We like to think of the combination of our clients, our skills, and the foundation and oversight from our association with Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network as resembling an Aspen grove. You are the Aspens, tall and strong, resilient in any season, and your roots connect with us to form a team. The nourishing soil is characteristic of your WHF Wealth Management advisors who feed the roots and help you prepare for any contingency with knowledge and experience.

A shared vision of the Aspen grove includes the values and reputation of all our advisors, and combines our commitment of seeking to reduce client risk and developing trusted relationships.

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