In the Community

We have a strong commitment to helping our community by volunteering throughout the year with several Central Ohio organizations, including hosting a clothing drive to benefit students at The Ohio State University and supporting a fund for Healthy Pets of Westgate.
Career Closet
Career Closet

The Career Closet is a “free closet” that provides to those who cannot afford to buy professional clothing.

Ohio State Students can “shop” bi-monthly career closet pop-up stores, select what they need, and keep the items.

Students can build an entire outfit and feel their best as they prepare for the next steps in their career. They meet the need for over 700 students annually.

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good samaritan image
Good Samaritan Fund image

Rescuing neglected and abused animals is a mission that Laith and his wife Beth are very passionate about. For over 13 years they and have fostered and adopted countless animals. Think of the song Hotel California, where most of their “guests” end up never “checking out” only to become permanent (spoiled) residents at Casa de Khalaf!

In addition to accumulating household headcount, The Khalaf’s have financially supported The Good Samaritan Fund. What started out as anonymously paying for fiscally prohibitive pet surgeries and care, bloomed into growing this fund to treat animals that otherwise would be euthanized for costly, yet treatable, conditions.

Andrew Queler and his dedicated staff at Healthy Pets of Westgate, donate their time and plenty of love caring for these helpless animals. Together with the Khalaf’s, they have had some great wins and a few losses, but either way, are doing something to make a difference.

Our team invites you to consider donating or volunteering to help animals in shelters or clinics. It may not change your world, but it most certainly will make all the difference in theirs.