Warmth, Experience and Custom Planning

A Message from Tom Barton

If you’re looking for mahogany and granite, you’ve come to the wrong place. We work for a living. If it’s possible to get grease under our fingernails sitting at a desk, we do. Our clients really turn to us for three things:
Warmth: At Barton Wealth Management, we genuinely care about people. Everyone says they do; we really do. You want us to care about you and your family. You want to know that if something happens to you, your family would be treated as well as you would hope. You’ll feel warmth when you walk in the door and we’re glad to see you. And when you call us, a human being answers the phone. If for some reason we’re all busy when you call, you’ll quickly get a return call. In a complicated financial world, our clients remind us how nice it is to have “real live people” they know and trust answering their questions and reviewing their accounts. True warmth and care is hard to find…

Experience: We realize in today’s age you don’t need a wealth management firm to hear the news. But what you can’t find out from the evening news or an on-line article is “what did it really mean the last time this happened” and “what may this mean to your family’s situation right now.” We genuinely get excited about studying the financial world and how it can impact our clients. We also genuinely get excited about helping families navigate their financial world. A little nerdy and manic, yes. But it’s really lots of fun. Please review our home page again to see exactly how our experience translates into value for you.

Custom Planning: The Barton Wealth Management custom planning process includes an ongoing thorough assessment of your financial situation. We help you identify and reach financial goals, such as retirement income, college funding, cash management, charitable gifting, and any other goal that you feel is important. We’ll spend all the time one-on-one with you that you need to feel like you have your arms around your financial situation. Our clients also love the Barton Wealth Management Checklist; it’s a simple tool to help you make sure all bases are covered. We offer large-group workshops to discuss financial strategy topics. And we can run financial projections on your personal situation any time you ask, and we don’t send you a bill for it.

And while we’re at it…

“I’m retired and I want income!”  We focus on helping clients turn retirement savings into income.  We do this every day.  From the asset mix to the withdrawal rate to the mandatory distribution requirements to mechanically getting money from your account here to your checking account, we can help you determine how to convert your life savings into cash-flow in retirement.

Managing emotions can be as important as managing investments… It’s scary out there in the investment world!  The financial news channels spew “infotainment” at you all day long. In my opinion, their goal isn’t to educate you, it’s to sell ad space, and they do that by preying on your emotions.  At Barton Wealth Management, we believe an asset management process that's structured, focused and disciplined is the only way you can be sure that short term mania won't influence your long term goals.  By establishing an appropriate asset mix, we strive for an environment free from over-reaction.  If you look at the volatility over the past 15 years, if you sold at the wrong time because of an emotional knee-jerk reaction, you potentially damaged your long term financial situation. While Rule Number One at Barton Wealth Management is “It’s your money!” we’ll use that experience of ours and Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network to help you make a good decision.

Let’s talk.  Before we bring on a new client, we review your current financial goals, current investments, and present financial situation.  We have a high average account size, although we won’t turn investors away if they’re as serious about their money as we are.  But we only take new clients who are a good match. This goes way beyond account size; there needs to be chemistry. Let’s talk!  Call us at 563-556-1000 today.