Participant Education


The IRS and DOL are cracking down on plan sponsors who are not following their established retirement plan processes. There are a few common findings from plan audits including failure to properly notify and enroll employees in accordance with the plan document and inadequate documentation supporting participant enrollment and elections. Aside from complying with their fiduciary responsibilities, plan sponsors should put employee education at the top of their priority list. Bridgehaven Fiduciary Partners will work with your plan recordkeeper and/or administrator to ensure you employees are being educated in all aspects of the retirement plan as well as overall financial wellness. These services include:

  • Assistance creating a formal education policy statement
  • Analyze plan demographics and determine specific participant needs
  • Provide interactive group education meetings in-person or via webinar and direct access to financial advisors by phone
  • Assist participants with asset allocation guidance and investment option information
  • Present regular financial education and wellness topics