Peter: [00:00:00] Bridgehaven Financial Advisors is built on a foundation of principles and relationships. These principles were passed onto me from my parents and include acting on integrity. Always be honest and treat all people the same way you expect to be treated. These principles when put into action, create strong, long term relationships.

[00:00:20] These relationships start here inside the firm with our team of financial professionals and extend to our clients seeking guidance to help with the complexities of wealth management.

Mike: [00:00:30] Investing is a complex business, one with a lot of moving parts, and our goal here at Bridghaven is to simplify those processes and make the client feel confident in their plan at the end of the day.

Peter: [00:00:40] What makes us different is the people. The people in the company and my team that we've created over time.

Mike: [00:00:47] This business is about relationships and that's what Peter does best. He makes clients feel at ease and he has this way about him that gives an instant trustworthiness.

Peter: [00:00:57] We'll show you the investment plan. Where you are, where you want to be, and how we're going to get you there.

Mike: [00:01:02] One thing that I think all of our clients would agree on is that our service is second to none.

Peter: [00:01:06] It takes a strategy. It takes a discipline. It takes a team with resources that can help you deliver everything you need.

[00:01:14] Bridgehaven believes the financial solutions provided should be simple and clearly understood by our clients as we create customized strategies to help achieve goals and objectives. The client experience is paramount and we understand it starts with the initial engagement and more importantly, never ends. Ongoing service and support and quick response times are, of course, part of the package. You will feel the Bridgehaven difference. And over time, trust is something we will earn as you become part of our family.