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Huge wins. Tough losses. Love for the game. With three generations of SEC college athletes in our family – football (NFL), baseball, tennis, track, we get it.

Coaches grind through 24/7 pressure to win, team meetings, player development, long practices, film study, game day, recruiting, and multiple moves for the family.

Athletic Directors focus on alumni, constant fundraising, new facilities, the fan experience, coaching searches, human resources, and compliance.

Sports Executives improve the brand via leagues, conferences, bowl and tournament committees, conventions, apparel and equipment companies, and other affiliations.

Doug has been a guest speaker at the AFCA Convention, Nike Football and Basketball Coaches Clinics, and college athletic departments educating these audiences on investment literacy and potential exposures to avoid. His articles have appeared in AFCA Magazine, AFCA Insider, and Inside Pitch magazine.

Just remember the most important All-America team is your family. Avoid the Hail Mary. Let’s discuss our Fourth Quarter Fitness Process to help move in the ball in the right direction.

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