Experience matters. When choosing a financial advisor it is important to know you are not just selecting one person to handle your comprehensive financial needs; but rather you are aligning with a diversified team able to address every facet of your personal situation from simple to complex.

The Denver Group of Wells Fargo Advisors has assembled a team of seasoned advisors who are passionate about working with their clients to deliver the intimacy of a boutique with the resources and opportunities of a global institution. 

The Denver Group of Wells Fargo Advisors was founded by Chris O'Neil, Managing Director - Investments, in association with Senior Vice President – Investments, Joseph Jaensen, First Vice President - Investment Officer, Breana King, and Financial Advisor, Brittney Gunning.  Collectively they bring more than 50 years of comprehensive wealth management experience to every client relationship. Each team member has a defined role based on his or her professional strengths which complement one another to support their clients’ needs most effectively.  The Denver Group of Wells Fargo Advisors serves as an advocate for their clients, they collaborate with attorneys, accountants, and other professionals on behalf of their clients to help design and implement strategies to help them achieve their financial goals.

Their clients are affluent individuals and families from all walks of life, foundations and non-profit organizations, small businesses, trusts and estates. The Denver Group of Wells Fargo Advisors understands their clients do a have a choice – a choice in the institution, the individual, and the types of investments. 

Investment Approach

The Denver Group of Wells Fargo Advisors advises their clients in the areas of Investment Management, Investment Planning, Estate Planning Strategies and Liability Management. The cornerstone of their investment philosophy is to know each client and understand what is most important to them.

They recognize each individual is unique, with different needs, risk tolerance levels, time horizons, and objectives.  In order to properly serve that uniqueness, the team employs a consultative approach. Gathering information, listening carefully, and understanding each clients’ situation is the foundation of every decision that is made.  The team custom-tailors an investment strategy for each client designed to meet their personal needs.  Any strategy that is ultimately put in place will be based on sound principles of risk and reward.  It is the team’s focus on risk management and transparency that sets them apart.  It is essential that clients understand exactly what is going on with their investments at all times.
Denver Group Team