Getting Started

The Approach | We help deliver personalized investment planning through a carefully crafted process that combines personal relationships with industry-leading expertise and resources.

Our in-depth understanding of your financial situation and aspirations enables us to custom-design a plan to help meet your expectations. Our knowledge of markets and extensive network of investment managers ensures our ability to manage that plan designed to maximize its success.

The Initial Meeting | This first meeting allows us to get to know one another and determine if we have the right chemistry to move forward.

We will acquire a complete understanding of your financial situation, including assets, liabilities and future earnings, and identify your future goals.

We will also discuss our team's background, our compensation model, our approach to investing, and how we can best prepare for your critical financial events.

Expectations | If we determine that we're the right fit for your wealth management goals, our relationship begins. We believe that only commitment to a long-term investment plan will reap the greatest rewards. This enables us to define the strategy that best meets your expectations and remain committed to the plan during developing market trends while making adjustments as needed.

You should expect:

  • We will act as your trusted advisor, placing your interests first at all times
  • Our complete understanding of your goals, your comfort with risk, and your time frame
  • Full explanation of and education on the investment strategies we recommend
  • Updates and meetings
We will expect:

  • Your trust 
  • Complete disclosure 
  • Your commitment 
  • To be kept informed of developments in your life or financial situation that will imapct your plan

The Plan | Based on all these factors we will help design a personalized investment plan comprising a proper asset allocation that best suits your financial goals and tolerance. We will consider all scenarios and variables when both designing – and later managing – your plan.

Implementation | This entails investing in the vehicles we have identified as ideal for helping to achieve your goals in accordance with the strategy we agree upon, as well as selecting the investment and fund managers best suited for your plan.

Meetings | Meetings for tracking includes tracking results, including the platform of managers we have selected for your plan, and rebalancing your portfolio as needed, generally quarterly or annually.

*Asset allocation cannot eliminate the risk of fluctuating prices and uncertain returns.