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2022 Midyear Outlook: Faster, Further, and Fragile

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The 2022 story for investors has centered on inflation and interest rates. Inflation because it’s been running higher than it has in decades. Interest rates because the Federal Reserve is aggressively raising them to counter inflation. But will it be too aggressive and drive the economy into recession?

Given the current uncertainties, Wells Fargo Investment Institute believes investors should focus on being neither an optimist nor pessimist, but a realist. You can find out what that means and get details on how Wells Fargo Investment Institute believes the rest of the year will unfold for equities, fixed income, and real assets, in its 2022 Midyear Outlook: Faster, Further, and Fragile. 

Please click on the link below to access the full report. 

2022 Midyear Outlook 

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Use Wells Fargo Account Aggregator for a more holistic view of your financial picture.

Account Aggregator.jpgYour Holistic Financial Picture in One Place

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. The same could be said for seeing your complete financial picture. With Wells Fargo Account Aggregator, you're able to see both your Wells Fargo and non-Wells Fargo accounts on one easy-to-use platform.

Using this secure, clean, and easy-to-navigate site you can:

 Connect your assets, liabilities, and more in one location

 View your total portfolio and net worth

 Review daily updated account balances

Visit the link below to learn more about this useful feature included with your online access.

How to use Account Aggregator 

Education Savings Plans

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Whether your children or grandchildren are toddlers or teenagers, it’s only a matter of a time before they leave the family home, probably as they head off to college. The cost of sending just one child to college for four years can be staggering, and tuition and fee hikes regularly outpace inflation. Rather than sending your children or grandchildren into the world with the burden of student-loan debt, you can save to help cover at least a portion, if not all, of their higher-education expenses.

Fortunately, those who intend to cover or contribute to their children’s education costs have more choices today than they’ve ever had. If you’ve not yet looked into an education savings plan, we can help you choose among a variety of savings vehicles, including 529 plans, Education Savings Accounts (ESAs), and custodial accounts.


                                     Please click on the link below to read the full article of options.

                                                                       Saving for College 

Guide to Starting Social Security

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There are a lot of options for how and when to take Social Security benefits and understanding all your options can be complicated. The decision you make could be worth thousands of dollars over time.

That’s why we are offering some Social Security Facts at the link below. It will walk you through what questions you should ask before claiming, that will help you better understand which Social Security strategy is right for you.


Social Security FAQs