My Approach

Gregg_Haglund.pngI am a student of the markets, and as such, I freely admit that there are seemingly countless approaches that one can take to investing one's assets. I must say that there is endless and often mind numbing academia on investing, with each idea finding flaws in the previous or touting the Holy Grail. This industry wants so much (as does man I suppose) to put things neatly away in some quantifiable box. For as much as I haven't seen that come to fruition, I have found that if an investor can eliminate, or at least control the outside noise, and understands some behavioral risk that often erodes returns, uses a rules based approach and has guidance, that favorable outcomes prevail.

What's most important is what you learn after you think you know it all. After 25 plus years in this industry, I have distilled my thinking down to a practical approach that doesn't rely on forecasting the future with unknown information. For an overview of my approach to portfolio management, please see the follwing link: It Works Until It Doesn't →

Let me share with you a high-minded approach to the investing of your assets and of equal importance - how to sensibly convert those assets to take an income stream during retirement. Consider an exploratory meeting to learn more about how my capabilities might fit your needs.


My Philosophy

Understand what matters most and convert that into a practical plan

The financial world is overpopulated by subjective, vague, philosophical theories masquerading as dependable approaches to the management of your assets and plans for retirement income. What sets my views apart is separating my clients from the cookie-cutter mentality that is quite pervasive in this industry. My clients also enjoy a relationship grounded in comprehensive strategies rather than piecemeal transactions.


My Clients

To get a different outcome you must get a different thinking

I seek and attract those discerning investors who understand and see merit in my unique approaches. My clients are those who are tired of the failed “business as usual” approach and the standard “pie chart” portfolio management allocations. Those who are willing to take the time to understand that there just might be a better mousetrap out there, find themselves as my clients. I service those whom the traditional approaches have failed.


My Strategy

Properly channel, manage and structure your wealth

The ability to help my clients with their ultimate end game is a direct function of having strategies that are easily understood and consistently applied. A systematic approach is what drives the execution of this process. As I am the Portfolio Manager I am accountable and fully articulate my actions. I don't delegate to third parties, as all activity is transparent and not a black box. Being realistic with the probable outcomes and adjusting as necessary is key to this process. Straight talk and a clear strategy. My mission is simple, understand what matters most to my clients and convert that into a practical plan.


CA Insurance License #OA93148