Who We Serve

For decades, we have had the privilege of serving a diverse group on individuals, business owners, retirement plan sponsors, and non-profit organizations across the country.

Our Clients

By offering a vast range of services, we can engage in a deeper, more genuine relationships with our clients.


Our comprehensive wealth management services incorporate individuals, families, business owners, and other professionals with the objective to help simplify their financial lives. Together we can build generational relationships.

  1. Investment MGMT - We believe that decisions should be made free of conflict. Our team is committed to assisting you with your needs and are not incentivized to sell. Out team collaborates closely with business professionals to analyze your situation and create a custom portfolio based off of your lifestyle goals.
  2. Financial Services/education – We start our approach by understanding your current financial goals and then developing a plan designed to help provide you with the right guidance throughout your busy life. Ultimately, our goal is to help simplify your financial life.
  3. Estate Planning Strategies – While we do not provide tax or legal services, we would be happy to coordinate with your tax or legal professionals.
  4. Tax advisory assistance – Taxes can have a large impact on your income and preservation of wealth. That is why we are ready to assist you with the proper tax management strategies to work effectively to optimize your wealth. We will partner and coordinate with your tax professionals or can guide you to one of many professionals within the community.
  5. Risk management and Insurance strategies – Our team has the tools to analyze your current insurance needs and assess the right amount of coverage for you. We can provide you with cost-effective solutions designed to protect your families’ assets.

Insurance products are offered through nonbank insurance agency affiliates of Wells Fargo & Company and are underwritten by unaffiliated insurance companies.

Business Leaders:

We seek to help business owners and entrepreneurs navigate difficult investment planning decisions. By leveraging our experience, an array of advisory services, and unbiased external guidance, we can help direct you on the path to financial stewardship.

  1. Corporate Investment Management - It can be frustrating and time consuming to manage a company while also handling corporate assets. We are here to help provide the necessary tools to assist business leaders in constructing investment portfolios designed to meet the long-term goals of the business.
  2. Strategic Advisory Services - We understand the importance of proper guidance and support because we actively seek counsel from our trusted peers. Implementing Advisory Services into your company can help you evaluate opportunities and risk, navigate complex situations, and develop plans to aid in growing your business.
  3. Business Transition Consulting – “What now?” That is a question that is frequently asked when business owners are ready to transition their company to new ownership. Transitioning your business is emotionally draining but we can help point you in the right direction to start your succession process.
  4. Business Sales and Acquisitions – If you are looking for aid in business mergers and acquisitions, we can serve as an objective advisor to mitigate all aspects of the sales process. Our team will evaluate all financial implications so that you are aware of the best opportunities for your company.

Retirement Plan Sponsors:

Understanding the importance of providing the right retirement plan solutions can help business owners and their plan participants. Not only will we educate the plan participants, but we will engage in wholistic planning to help improve the lives of their families.

  1. Fiduciary Support – Having the responsibility of being a retirement plan’s fiduciary is an important role. Our team will work directly to assist plan sponsors in understanding and managing those obligations for the plan participants.
  2. Retirement Plan Design and Governance – We start our partnership by listening to the needs of the plans’ sponsors and participants. From here, we envision and design how plan should be executed for maximum value for everyone within the plan.
  3. Participant Education – A retirement plan can be overwhelming for its participants to understand. That’s why developing an educational program that is custom tailored is crucial. We will design a plan that is easily understood and accessible, and in return, should see more engagement with the plan participants.
  4. Investment Selection – We can help you navigate your current retirement plan and offer insights on our investment selection for a prudent investment process. Our goal is to better serve plan sponsors and their participants by providing them with the proper education and understanding of their retirement plan.

Non-Profit Organizations:

Our team is committed to supporting and caring for those within our community. We can provide your organization with advisory services that extend well beyond investment and educational services

  1. Investment Management – Our team understands the investment needs of non-profit organizations and can provide your organization with a custom-tailored portfolio that matches your goals.
  2. Custom Reporting - Non-profit organizations are entrusted by donors to advance important philanthropic initiatives and causes within our communities. Our custom reporting solutions can help the staff of non-profit organizations efficiently prepare required reports and respond to donor requests.
  3. Donor Assistance – We know that donors are the backbone to many non-profit organizations. Our team is here to provide your staff with the right assistance to educate and facilitate the gifting of securities.