Career Exit Retirement Strategy

Your Ultimate Career Exit Retirement Strategy

I offer full-service wealth management with a focus on creating your ultimate career exit retirement strategy that helps you to reach your investment and retirement goals so you can pursue your passions and the lifestyle you envision in retirement.

My disciplined process uses the eMoney Advisor® planning tool and includes the four cornerstones of wealth management; retirement and investment management, estate planning strategies, insurance protection and philanthropic gifting.

With many resources to draw on both within Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network and through my network of external professionals, I have access to a wide array of resources, products, and services to help my clients make sound investment decisions and achieve their financial goals.

As we work together, we will address the following 4 cornerstones of your wealth management plan.

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1) Retirement & investment planning strategies

My retirement  and investment planning process is a comprehensive solution designed around your total retirement and investment picture. The process begins by understanding your cash flow needs, now and in retirement, and then continues to build and manage a tax efficient portfolio designed to generate the income needed for life. View Our Retirement & Investment Planning Discussion Guide

2) Estate planning strategies

No matter what your age or net worth, you need an estate plan to protect you, your loved ones and your assets — during your lifetime as well as after your death. In addition to working with your attorney to put the five important estate planning documents in place, I work with you to identify and list your assets, discuss what’s important to you in distributing your wealth and we also discuss your beneficiary designations. As your life changes, we continue our discussions and make appropriate changes to reflect your updated objectives. View Our Estate Planning Strategies Discussion Guide

3) Insurance Protection

Insurance protection strategies can be important for providing for your loved ones and to protect your assets and investment plan in case of an unexpected illness, disability or health issue. As part of your ultimate career retirement exit plan, I’ll work with you to create appropriate insurance protection strategies based on your assets, cash flow requirements, time horizon and your wishes for the future in supporting your heirs. View Our Insurance Protection Planning Discussion Guide


4) Charitable Gifting

For some, the greatest gift is giving back and supporting the causes and organizations that are most important to you. As we work together to create your charitable gifting strategies we will discuss your overall goals for your philanthropic gifting, the values and causes that are most important to you, the organizations you have supported in the past and the levels you are gifting. With that information, we will create your tax efficient gifting strategies to make the greatest impact to your organizations. View Our Charitable Gifting Planning Discussion Guide

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