Technology Driven Planning Process

eMoney Advisor® — Connecting your money to what is important in your life

You’ve worked hard to get where you are in life. Now your money can work hard for you. We use the advanced technology of eMoney Advsor® to help align your financial objectives with your personal aspirations to help create a specialized path to the life you want to live.

Step 1. Starting the conversation

During our initial conversation, we uncover the details of your financial life and discuss your long-term and short-term goals, priorities, and the investment strategies you already have in place. I’ll share information about my investment approach, planning philosophy and the process.

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Step 2. Learning about your situation

I’ll gather information and details of your current financial situation. My deep analytical approach and comprehensive evaluation includes understanding your risk tolerance, dreams and priorities, retirement goals, estate investment planning, and insurance needs.

Step 3. Creating your customized plan

After discussing your desired outcomes, goals and objectives, we use the power of the eMoney Advisor® planning tool to create a path toward reaching them. As we work together to reach your goals, I will provide you with the choices, information and action steps that will help guide you to your vision of the future.


Step 4. Dealing with change

As your life evolves and changes, I will work with you to provide the support and guidance you need. I will use the eMoney tool to align with your changing life to help address your planning needs. I will continue to work with you to address questions, including:

Can I fully fund my children’s college education?

Can I buy a vacation home?

Am I prepared for market volatility?

Am I on track to reach my retirement improvements costs affect my plan?

What is the impact to my plan to pay for a large expense with cash vs. financing?

How can I preserve my assets for my family?

Can you help me articulate my wishes for my estate?

Can you help me understand the tax outcomes of exercising my stock options and/or giving to my favorite charity?

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Based on accepted statistical methods, eMoney uses a mathematical process used to implement complex statistical methods that chart the probability of certain financial outcomes at certain times in the future. This charting is accomplished by generating hundreds of possible economic scenarios that could affect the performance of your investments. Using Monte Carlo simulation this report uses up to 1000 scenarios to determine the probability of outcomes resulting from the asset allocation choices and underlying assumptions regarding rates of return and volatility of certain asset classes. Some of these scenarios will assume very favorable financial market returns, consistent with some of the best periods in investing history for investors. Some scenarios will conform to the worst periods in investing history. Most scenarios will fall somewhere in between.