Working with Business Owners

Comprehensive strategies designed around your business needs.

As a Certified Exit Planning Advisor, I work with you to offer customized products and services to help maximize your company’s profitability and enhance its value. By teaming with a network of professionals that I have built over decades or, if you prefer, your existing team of advisors, I can help you identify potential opportunities to explore and obstacles to avoid. This collaboration provides personalized advice and helpful guidance to address the myriad challenges you as a business owner confront.

As a Certified Exit Planning Advisor, I can help you….

Understand the value of your business, both tangible and intangible.

Determine how ready and attractive your company is currently.

Identify your business’ three gaps (value, wealth, profit).

Identify the Range of Value of your company. What is it worth today and what is it potentially worth.

Understand your exit options and how they apply to your company and your exit goals.

Better understand your personal vision and personal financial needs.

Align your business, personal and financial goals.

Create, deliver and maintain periodic action plans helping you de-risk your business and grow value.

Bring the advisory team together and your internal team together to work towards common goals and better collaborate.

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