The key component of financial planning isn’t your assets or dollars and cents.

To us, it’s planning. After all, your specially-created plan is what makes opportunities possible. And we find the most effective planning happens with well-informed input from experts of in multiple fields.

That’s why your team at the Buell Financial Group consists of more than our financial advisors. We can provide access to service such as Wealth Management, Commercial Banking and Investment Banking as well as traditional bank products and services through Wells Fargo affiliates to accommodate your needs.

We also make ourselves available to work withy our attorneys and CPAs to make your plan as robust as possible.

This balanced approach gives attention to multiple areas for individuals and businesses alike.

Wealth and Investment Management

Your portfolio is designed specifically for you after we have a full understanding of how you want your wealth to work for you. This custom portfolio consists of multiple investment vehicles, which may include individual stocks to broad-based ETFs, institutional-class mutual funds and fixed income, just to name a few.

Reviewing your portfolio’s performance allows us to redistribute allocations as needed to deliver the results our clients expect.

Retirement Income Planning

Lifespans are increasing. That means taking the necessary actions to ensure you have the means to enjoy your retirement is becoming increasingly important. The keyword there, to us, is enjoy. We can put a strategy in place that can allow you to live comfortably.

Asset Protection

Your financial future depends on a variety circumstances that may be out of your control. This is precisely why we provide you with access to a wide range of insurance coverages, each designed to protect your financial security against unforeseen costs and losses. 

We will review your existing policies with you to identify gaps or identify opportunities that can be strengthened in financially viable ways. 

Insurance products are available through non-bank insurance agency affiliates of Wells Fargo & Company and underwritten by non-affiliated Insurance Companies. Not available in all states. 

Estate Planning Strategy

Most clients want to pass along a portion of their wealth after they’re gone. For you, that could be to a family member or an organization. In conjunction with your attorney, we will help implement tax-efficient strategies with a sound investment approach that can help ensure the people and things you love are taken care of. 

Wells Fargo Advisors is not a legal or tax advisor. 

Philanthropic Planning

Leaving a legacy outside one’s family is a shared trait among our clients. In fact, this is a common answer when we ask “What’s important to you?” Our experience in charitable planning, which includes Donor Advised Funds, makes lifetime giving to the organizations that inspire you possible.

Court Restricted Accounts

We have the distinct ability to manage court-restricted accounts for conservatorships and special-needs accounts. This brings additional value by attempting to reduce or even eliminating unnecessary bonding fees and expenses, which in turn potentially leaves more assets available for the benefit of the protected person.

Executive Services

Our executive service team helps tackle a number of complex issues for corporate executives and employees with equity-based compensation benefits. These include Rule 144 stock, 10b5-1 trading plans and stock options, both qualified and non-qualified.