Serving You

In many ways, McGowan Wealth Management is like a personal trainer for your financial wellbeing. Just as a coach recommends different training regimes, equipment, and diets, we take you through our process of planning, prioritizing, strategizing, investing, and reviewing to help guide you at each stage of your financial journey.

We are investment planning focused. As a result, we offer advice beyond investment management, such as tax-loss harvesting and tax-managed investing, cash flow analysis, Social Security and Medicare planning, life and long-term care insurance, savings strategies, transferring wealth to heirs, and planning for life's transitions.

Allies to Business Owners

Many clients in the McGowan family are smaller, family-owned businesses. Through these partnerships, we’ve gained extensive knowledge on the unique considerations that come with business ownership, such as employee benefits, business and key person insurance, and succession planning. Whether you want to keep working because you love it or transition into whatever that next chapter of life looks like using the assets you’ve accumulated, we can help.

Multigenerational Partnership

The question “What will I leave to my heirs?” can go much deeper than dollars and cents. That’s why we partner with the entire family – ranging from younger investors to pre-retirees to those with estate planning questions. We help give you control over your legacy plan with the promise we’ll be there to guide your future generations wherever they are in their journey. McGowan helps you provide comfort to your family after unexpected events by settling estate planning concerns before they arise.

Insurance Management

Investment risk isn’t the only thing to consider on the financial journey. McGowan offers insurance to help protect against those unexpected developments in your life. From life, disability, and long-term care insurance, McGowan will assess your situation to determine what you need – and what you don’t. Used correctly, insurance can be a tool that fills critical gaps in for your family’s plans for your business, retirement, and legacy.

Insurance products are offered through our affiliated nonbank insurance agencies.

Individual & Family Advisory Services

We at McGowan understand the specific needs of families because we’re a family ourselves. We know the sorts of things that can ride on your investments – your children’s future, your plans for the golden years, and what you’ll leave behind for later generations. When you access McGowan’s Advisory Services, we don’t just invest your assets, we help you reimagine your entire financial life in terms of your dreams.

Our Envision® Process

“Investment planning” can sometimes seem like cookie-cutter investment mixes and generalizations. Although it’s better than nothing, it’s impersonal and vague. McGowan utilizes the Envision® process because it aligns with our goal to be personal trainers in your financial life. As a life planning tool, Envision® helps us explore your life goals, set meaningful benchmarks, and stay in lockstep during each step in the process.

Financing Education

One of the most frequent questions we encounter from clients concerns how to finance education for children and grandchildren. McGowan’s college planning services are a natural part of our commitment to comprehensive financial planning. The smallest steps can make a huge difference in the years ahead, so we encourage our clients to start saving early. We can go over tax-advantaged accounts like 529 college savings plans, custodial accounts in the child’s name, and Coverdell Education Savings Accounts to see what fits best for your children’s and grandchildren’s future!

Please consider the investment objectives, risk, charges and expenses carefully before investing in a 529 savings plan. The official statement, which contains this and other information, can be obtained by calling your Financial Advisor. Read it carefully before you invest.