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Women, Men and Families In Transition

Whether due to death or divorce, you need enhanced guidance during times of transition and we are here to help. We will listen to your concerns, understand your needs and respect your wishes.  We provide the following services to those in transition:
We will help you evaluate your needs and goals in the context of your new solo financial responsibility
Together we will construct a plan for stewarding your resources and achieving your goals.
We will help you review your current situation by:

* Organizing your assets
* Analyzing your liabilities
* Developing a realistic budget
* Evaluating your company benefits
* Reviewing your current investments in light of your changing circumstances
We will help you plan for the future by:

 *Prioritizing your goals
 *Establishing your savings goals
 *Analyzing your insurance needs
 *Preparing your for your long term care needs
We will assist you with strategies for caring for elderly family members by:

 *Connecting you to community resources
 *Directing you to resources to evaluate senior housing solutions
 *Recommending professionals who can assist with all aspects of senior care.
 *Reviewing financial resources and advising on effective withdrawal strategies.
We have almost 70 years of experience caring for those just like you and will be with you every step of the way.