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The Moreno Dye Cervantes Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors leverages more than 100 years of combined investment experience and manages client assets worth approximately $1 Billion in client assets as of 12/01/2021.

Our team has formalized a disciplined process in order to help our clients achieve their financial goals and objectives. Our process prioritizes a respectful understanding of one's situation, while providing continual education and a premier level of service. With this mutual consideration we are able to help clients develop and implement customized financial strategies that address their objectives and risk tolerance.
Each individual on our team provides valuable insight and direction within our team's process, but we work together in order to develop a customized financial strategy for each client. This helps ensure that we stay well informed, connected and have a profound understanding of our client's objectives.

In order to support our process, we have access to an open architecture platform which provides us with a broad range of financial products and services which we use to incorporate within our planning and portfolio design. We also focus on providing wealth management strategies that include access to lending services and insurance products through Wells Fargo affiliates. Our team frequently collaborates with other financial experts in various areas of planning such as estate law, accounting, social security and Medicare. We believe this level of examination and due diligence helps enhance our education, guidance and the ability for our clients to achieve their goals.

Due to our belief in education and development, we provide programs on various financial topics such as retirement planning and portfolio management. We are often asked to speak at corporations and organizations about a variety of financial management subjects. We also invite other experts from numerous professions to be guest speakers at our events with the purpose of providing key insight and to add value to ones planning and understanding.