Our Services

At the Newman Investment Group our mission is to enhance the quality of our clients’ lives through personalized investment management and planning.

With clients receiving personalized advice, it is critical to gain an understanding of their goals, values, and financial experience. We analyze this information, develop a variety of possible strategies, and present them for discussion and implementation.  When presenting these strategies, we do so in an independent, objective, unbiased and cost effective manner. We then monitor the progress of these recommendations, keeping the lines of communication open with our clients to ensure transparency and responsiveness not only to changes in market conditions, but to life changes as well.

While the firm provides a substantial array of products and services, the specific recommendations that a client receives will depend on his or her unique needs and goals. Because we cannot be experts in every field, we often work with specialized professionals who assist with a segment of a client strategy.

Services that we provide are generally described as:
  • Investment Management
  • Pre and Post-Retirement Planning
  • Employee and Executive Benefits
  • Estate Investment Planning
  • Education Funding
  • Risk Management

When working with clients we follow a process, which clearly defines the goals and objectives of all parties, to ensure the relationship is an appropriate fit.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about our process and how our services might benefit you.
Wells Fargo Advisors is not a legal or tax advisor.  However, we will be glad to work with you, your accountant, tax advisor and or lawyer to help you meet your financial goals.